Lynette C. Morales
Bachelor of Science in Social Services, Major in Care of Older Persons, Batch 2007
Caregiver, Lapuz Jusenkai, Japan

Having studied at Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku taught me that coming from a financially unstable family is not a hindrance to achieving one’s ambition in life. The college, with the initiative of its President Mrs. Ines P. Mallari, helped me avail of a scholarship from the Datu Uchida Foundation. Through the scholarship’s financial assistance, coupled with hard work and perseverance, I was able to graduate in 2007 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Services. To express my gratitude to my Alma Mater, I worked there for three years. In 2010, I was given the opportunity to come to Japan as a caregiving trainee under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement. With God’s grace, I passed the 2014 National Exam for Caregivers in Japan. Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku has truly molded me to become a better person in many aspects of my life. I will forever be grateful to MKD for its support.

Sasha M. Cabrera
AB Psychology, Graduated 2012
HR Staff, General Consulate of Malaysia

I’m very glad I chose MKD a few years ago to draw direction for my present career. Of course, hardwork and perseverance are big factors of my achievements, but MKD equipped me with knowledge in my chosen field and it is indeed true that additional knowledge (Nihongo) is really an edge wherever you go. I was hired in a private company as an HR Officer right after I graduated and now I am happy and contented to be part of the office of the Consulate General of Malaysia. Thank you MKD for being a part of where I am today.

Karla Elizalde
Bachelor of Science in Social Services, Major in Care of Older persons, Batch 2008
Caregiver, Daichino-Oka, Japan

To graduate is an awesome accomplishment. But life doesn’t stop there. It’s what you make it. We are living in a world designed for us to fail, but you are in control of your own life. Set goals that you yourself want to achieve. Take chances and let no one stop you, not the people around you nor poverty. Work hard for what you believe in and take pride in your work, no one is perfect. Life is a gamble but you can make the best of it every single day.

Annie Vee H. Tresbe
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Batch 2011
Elementary Teacher, DepEd South Cotabado Division, Region XII

It has been a great honor to be a graduate of MKD batch 2011, Having taken up Backelor in Science in Elementary Education paved the way for me to find employment as a permanent teacher at the Department of Education. I am deeply thankful to MKD for providing me the opportunity to learn and eventually apply the skills and knowledge needed for my chosen career. Anybody who dreams of having a bright future can always count on MKD to make that dream a reality.

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