A. About the library

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides the best possible support for Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku mission of educational excellence by offering the highest quality collections, services, and facilities for learning, teaching, and research.

The library is located at the second floor in which the size is estimated into three rooms and a hundred seating capacity, manned by one (1) license and master’s librarian and one (1) paraprofessional.

The library adapts the open – shelves system for the accessibility of the students.

With the existence of Japanese books, the MKD’s unique resource material, the library can provide varied learning opportunities and activities in Japanese language and other competencies. It also preserved relevant academic researches which are good resources for further investigation.

The LRC contains professional books, references for specialized subject and professional journal, undergraduate thesis, vertical Files that support core curriculum and specialized courses. The Periodical Area is the “Information Powerhouse” through which current information found in journals, in newspapers, in magazines are organized and made available for use. The books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification.

The Instructional Multimedia is one of the units of the library. It houses and circulates audiovisual materials and equipment for instructional purposes. Consists of numerous collection of s DVD, VCD, CD’s and etc.,

The LRC physical set-up consists of: Reserve, circulation, Filipiniana, Periodical, Technical and Reading and Faculty sections situated at the same floor.

The Library serves the students, faculty, alumni, officials and employees of the college. Non-MKD students and researchers may also avail the library resources within the premises subject to the library rules and regulations.


Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku library professes its Vision – Mission & Objectives:


An Academic Community provides the best possible services and facilities for library users. Offers clienteles with competent and quality customer-oriented assistance in selecting, locating and using resources our state-of-the art resources; for them to be knowledgeable and proficient of the world’s multicultural culture and language, especially the Japanese language and suffice their needs as intellectual being.


The Library provides the best possible support for Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku’s mission of educational excellence by offering the quality collections, services, and facilities for learning, teaching, and research. It aims to guide and provide the readers in learning essential and globally oriented facts about diverse cultures, languages, values and studies, which then honing wide readers with culture sensitiveness and moral values.

General Objectives:

Mindanao Kokusai College Library provides best services of its clienteles by providing well selected educational materials, well organized collection and services that will enhance learning process, assists the vision-mission of the school.

Library Personnel:

Ms. Lavelyn Flores- Camporedondo, MaED


Ms. Gloria U. Cañal

Assistant to the Librarian


The library is open for service:

Monday – Friday

8:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m

= no noon break=


8:00am – 12:00 a.m

In case of limited library staff, the library will be closed from 12:00 p.m – 1:00 p.m


The following persons are eligible to use the Library

  1. Registered MKD students
  2. MKD Administrators, faculty and staff
  3. Board of Trustees Officials
  4. Japanese Visitors
  5. Researchers from other organization, after which they will pay of PHP 100.00 per visit.
  6. Students from other school with referral from their school librarian.

Other features of the LRC are following services that offer to the constituent of the college. The Following are:

  1. Reference Services- gives reference assistance to both faculty and student.
    • Reservation Services
    • Circulation or Loan-out Service
    • Borrowing Services
  2. Technical Services
    • Book Cataloging Service
    • An OPAC or Online Public Access Catalog
  3. Bibliographical Services- prepare bibliographic listings requested by faculty, program heads and administrator.
  4. Current Awareness- inform the users about newly received publications and displays current significant events on bulletin board
  5. Borrowing of Non- Print Materials ( for classroom and library use only)
  6. Library Orientation- To acquaint students, faculty, staff library orientation are scheduled.
  7. Wifi ready
  8. Mac Book laptops with internet connection ( for research purposes )
  9. Scanning services
  10. Group discussion area
  11. Installed CCTV’s


Members from Philippine Librarian Association Inc.,- Davao Region are accommodated only on Saturdays, 8:00-12:00 noon. No fees are charge.

However, should first see their respective librarians to secure a letter or permit. School I.D is required upon entrance to the library. Non member of the resource sharing is charge, a fee of 100 peso per visit.



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