Infotect, Inc. Job Posting


INFOTECT, INC. (Tokyo, Japan) is urgently in need of a Japanese speaking SALES STAFF!

Job Description:

1. Must possess at least College degree in any field.

2. Preferably JLPT N2 passer (can read and write) N3 passers are also welcome to apply.

3. Good communication skills and is willing to learn (particularly about sales)

4. Willing to be assigned to any prefecture in Japan

5. Result and Goal oriented

6. Can work under pressure

Company Overview:

Infotect, Inc. is an international employment agency based in Tokyo, Japan. Company has been established in 2004. Infotect Inc., with IT/ICT and VR as its core technology, will strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries to implement sustainable society, and to create a brighter future.


We provide working visa (Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services) for 3 years. – A great opportunity to enhance your Japanese skills.


For those who are interested, kindly send your RESUME (Japanese):


In line with the recent anonymous post about the cancellation of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) this December 03, 2017, we would like to inform the public and the examinees to disregard the said post. There is no cancellation and that we still be conducting the JLPT this December.

Be careful of fake news and do inform the authorized personnel of any other anomalies.

Job Posting, November 2017


Sports Bookie Online Inc.,

Customer Service Staff- Japanese Bilingual


Job Description:

  • Handling and replying to customer inquiries through email, phone and live chats for Japanese and non- Japanese clients.
  • Maintaining customer relations to our clients regarding with their transactions.
  • Conducts research regarding customer’s problem and providing practical solutions.
  • Providing feedback to Supervisor/Department head on customer’s concerns.
  • Preparing and generating reports relating to customer’s concern.
  • Researching into any sports games/match/event information and statistics.
  • Recording customer’s queries or concerns into the systems.
  • Data entries of event results into the system.
  • Performs all other tasks/responsibilities that may be assigned by the Supervisor/Department Manager from time to time.

Job Requirements:

  • Academic qualifications of at least Tertiary level with Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
  • Must have proficient knowledge in using of electronic mail (e-mail), live chat (Skype) and other online communication tools.
  • Highly organized, self-motivated and ability to work interdependently with a team.
  • He/She should possess a hard working attitude, and able to cope up with challenging tasks.
  • Knowledgeable in Sports is also an advantage, but not required.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all other programming used for presentation and marketing.
  • Must have an above average written and spoken in English and Japanese language.
  • Candidate should be able to work on a shifting schedule (night or day). 
  • Willing to work and relocate in Makati City, Philippines. (Free accommodation, Free meal on work schedule provided)
  • Successful candidates will be receiving competitive salary and great benefits based on the market. 
  • Native Japanese or Filipino Citizen who has JLPT 1 and 2 certification have an advantage for the position.

Work Schedule:

  • He/She will have a training for 3 months (Native Japanese) and 6 months (Filipino) during the probationary period.
  • He/She will most probably work on the night shift.
  • 5 days in a week, 2 days off
  • 10 hours per day (8 hours of regular hours and 2 hours of paid overtime)


  • Free accommodation (condominium unity) near the area of our office. Also, we cover the electric and water bill. He/she will have a housemaid/helper to assist on their house chores.
  • Free meal on their work schedule (i.e. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Work life balance events: Group dinner every quarter of the year, Party, Movie screening, fun run, and go kart racing and many events.
  • Health, Accident, and life insurance on your first day (for native Japanese), upon regularization for Filipino citizen
  • Yearly performance appraisal and bonus

For more information, please visit our website: 

Interested candidates can send their resume at or The interview will be via Skype


Job Posting, October 2017


MISUGA MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC., located in Malate Manila is seeking for the position of JAPANESE SPEAKING STAFF. 



  1. Graduate of BS in International Studies major in Japanese Language & Studies.
  2. At least JLPT N5 or N4 passer.
  3. Can speak and read and write Japanese, English, and Filipino.
  4. Self-motivated and can work in a team.
  5. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.
  6. Willing to work in manila



  1. Updated resume with 2×2 colored picture with white background
  2. TOR and Dilpoma (photocopy)
  3. Certificate of Employment of previous work (photocopy)
  4. JLPT Certificate (photocopy)

Kindly send your application to :




JLPT Passers for July 2017 Examination

Congratulations !

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) 2017 Passers


1 Paul Nino B. Dotollo ( Alumni )
2 Cherry Rose Almagro Llana ( Alumni )
3 Quessy Faye Angeline O. Intrepido

1 Kimberly Mae E. Albiso
2 Jangel Dothy Kyle Villagonza ( Alumni )
3 Danica Jean B. Padillo ( Alumni )
4 Melody Lagarde ( Alumni )
5 Mharlia Jean Viola
6 Rachel Joanna Lestojas ( Alumni )
7 Charity C. Villapaz ( Fukujuen )
8 Michelle Joyce P. Santos ( Fukujuen )
9 Teresa Grace T. Maquiso ( Fukujuen)
10 Irish Mary Grace P. Gille ( Fukujuen )
11 Kim Camille Alexis Razonable ( Fukujuen )
12 Jennifer Juson ( Fukujuen )

1 Ira Katrina Vergara ( Alumni )
2 Anna Patricia Toribio Bacus
3 Aliana Lim Villafuerte
4 Angelo T. Villar
5 Leizel A. Gipaya Yanagihara
6 Sang Ah C. Lim
7 Nikki Lou Samodio
8 Oliver Espina
9 Honey Shayne B. Gildo
10 Richie Mae Amba Milloza
11 Krislie Andrea Faye Generalla Vidamo
12 Hannah Mae Hindang Herbabuena
13 Gillian Nugas
14 Christine Mae B. Balonquit
15 Mary Glow M. Salazar
16 Fella Mae P. Montecillo
17 Ana Farina Dimacuta
18 Maria Therese Dalumpines Valentin
19 Ann Dominic Igdanes ( Fukujuen )
20 Angel Mae T. Rama ( Fukujuen )

1 Ara Bella V. Delino
2 Vanessa Ericka Go
3 Roselie Ayap Bio
4 Eltagonde Lineth Relacion
5 Margaret Mary Damag Ocido
6 Xynia Jireh Fuerzas
7 Mary Antoniette Medrano
8 Marjorie O. Medino
9 Roland Carl Sumi-Og
10 Jacklyn V Miranda
11 Monica Marie Herrera Salazar
12 Eden Garapan

Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School ( PNJK – IS)

1 Althea Nicole Salinas
2 Kohki Nakamatsu

1 Kiana G. Macan

1 Glaiza O. De Leon
2 Louise Lynne C. Seprado
3 Khublei Mo Satori G. Pelayo
4 Laarni Ives B. Booc
5 Dorothy S. Remolar

6 Janes Andrew O. Coquilla
7 Aldrin Lewy R Mantilla
8 Jan Vieva D. Maristela
9 Darwin Kent O. Sarte

Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School Senior High School (PNJK-IS SHS)

1 Jerushah Hale B. Cortez
2 Daniella Ysabel Burlaza Gatdula

1 Koki C. Ikehata
2 Angelica T Abergas
3 April Hannah Catague Montanez


1 Jeong Sojin

1 Aaron J. Fiel
2 Jumar Astrologo Diamban
3 Jhon Carlo F. Centino

1 Joffer Villaceran Caballero
2 Jessie Lu Rama
3 Junniver M. Lim
4 Marquis Jed Corotan
5 Kevin Rabanos Camarillo
6 Meri Alcontin Terashi

1 Lorana Casocot Husan
2 Chiara C. Ikehata
3 Gomez Mary Ann Parilla
4 Richard Mostajo Quitiol
5 Belly John D. Carbonell
6 Kai Ryan K. de Guzman
7 Gwen Marie Denise C. Bajao
8 Romer C. Ramirat

1 Maricor N Villarojo
2 Armhyl B Dagami
3 Andrew Buenavista Salvaleon
4 Leona Monina Delotavo Aristoza
5 Sarah Mae Maque Recana
6 Janhnyl Legaspi
7 Kim Rounel Tejano Lazarito
8 Ramon De Lunas Mabitasan Jr.
9 Alexis Maravillosa Bancud
10 Jevirlyn-Ann Evangelio Aguilar

11 Randolf Abkilan Marga Te
12 Alexa Mae F. Solis
13 Claire B. Calar
14 Juvill M Libertad
15 Pearly P. Bravo
16 Rechilda C. Kokatsu
17 Reina N. Bantayan
18 Joash J. Lacay
19 Jobert O. Catigum
20 Ryan C. Andaya
21 Mhar Jun D. Casera
22 Axil Rose B. Ruales
23 Anngelie C. Tagotoc
24 Lovely D. Matanggon
25 Lyndon Mar M. Fabre
26 Rae Anthony S. Dilan
27 Jovani C. Guanzon
28 David P. Chamen
29 Ryan P. Gajo
30 Primitivo W. Relacion Jr.
31 Christian Vic C. Paler
32 Ronniel Rey D. Tia
33 Louie Jay T. Caliza
34 Al J. Guanzon
35 Teodulfo C. Oxina Jr.

36 Iza Roseline F. Duran
37 Pol Grant C. Casisner
38 Clyde S. Callano
39 Gomer Ross R. Carcueva
40 Ever Jay M. Acedo
41 Patrick Dione S. Dilan
42 Karl John P. Pillo
43 Edwin M. Iliw-Iliw
44 Jay G. Marsamolo
45 England Dan Partosa
46 Rose Anne L. Senarillos
47 Romie Jay Amoguis Silmaro
48 Diomel John Inyong Seduatante
49 Jayperon Sumilhig Pungyan
50 Jerry Reyes Patente
51 Ryan John Nacion Mercado
52 Alden Olmedo Lozada Jr.
53 Kristoffer Baac Inting
54 King Jeric Micalbo Lastra
55 Nessan Bondia Joronadal
56 Ronald Bedra Dumilig
57 Milo Torregosa Doblas
58 Jaynaiden Mante Comapas
59 Reymart Magbanua Punzalan

60 Reynante Escol Aglanao Jr.
61 Jennifer Guarino Amilao
62 Diayanara Rose Santiago Cacho
63 Ella May Victoriano Dalumpines
64 Emmylou Comahig Silagan
65 Julie Ann Rupenta Siarot
66 Mary Ann Gallardo Manambay
67 Gail Sarmiento Telebangco
68 Jhondale Rey Borja Licayan
69 Kim Labor Tongcua
70 Levi Duran Bihaya
71 Jerwel Nacaytuna Bernadas
72 Dexter Ryan Obligar Astronomo
73 Christian Loyd Mabaga Sultan
74 Sidrick Lacaya Suelto
75 Dranrib Agah Villanueva Lincuna
76 Jayvee Capoquian Gomez
77 Merry Lyn Jane Gacus Engyo

78 Jersel Dela Cruz Demayo
79 Michaela Angela Ricaforte Cabeguin
80 Romeo Cabebehan Cabangisan Jr.
81 Rona Mae Ordanza Aban
82 Kenneth Joy Alvarez Gemarino
83 Angelica Mabasa Digaynon
84 Beah Rose Castro Porlales
85 Jeal Mark Ochada Alvarez
86 Charlyn Joy Lipalam Estanol
87 Al Kimuel Agbones Candido

88 Marvie Ballo Donggon
89 Benedict Bartolaba Abrea
90 Rojean Eli Ambis
91 Roderick Galamgam Malacad
92 Jeraldo Payla Lequin
93 Melchor Singson Laurente
94 Neil Fer Sasam Anunciado
95 Jennifer Lansao Galicto
96 Ernesto Sarona Navarro Jr.
97 Glene Paul Merida Timbal
98 Mailyn Ceballos Ampo
99 Adones Manongbao Lanit
100 Renan Serabia Taporoc
101 Bryan Josef Obo Sero
102 Alfredo Serentas Abines Jr.
103 Vincent Matthew Bandigan Buladaco
104 Glenn Bastes Batac
105 Vlademir Paniza Barlan
106 Victor Secoya Bernalte
107 Leandro Valmorida Trillo
108 Bryan Taniongon Recopuerto
109 Jonathan Aurelio Padasas
110 Clark Darelle Sulde Ong
111 Alexis D. Munosco
112 Kim Brylle Malimbag Gioca

113 Emmanuel D Fortugaliza
114 Lowie Camillo Celomen
115 John Famentera Borres
116 Benjie Marquez Arellano
117 Flor Anthony Villaver Anog
118 Louie Jun Regonas Adolfo
119 Mickcel Jun B. Zita
120 May Ann M. Maghanoy
121 Joanna Mary Ang-Og Jaictin
122 Danilo Pacomo Enterina Jr.
123 Ferdinand Astudillo Batingana Jr.
124 Natinel Amber Tagarda Aliudin
125 Jonalyn Adlaon Villarosa
126 Raymond Molinas Paje
127 Jane Cleofe Rodriguez Eltagonde
128 Royce Morales Dolatre
129 Shedel Mae Mose Cedeno
130 Brylle Jay Linda Catagasan
131 Jealyn Ochada Alvarez
132 Nathaniel P. Navarroza
133 Helman Regidor Agsoy
134 Kenneth Dale Peranda Villegas
135 Jay Mark Louie Miraflor Valle
136 Christian Luis G. Cruz

137 Elthon Jan Diamura Uba
138 Jeane Claude Hinampas Quimada
139 Roghin Villareal Perez
140 Jayson Pintor Pantalita
141 Tejie Umacob Millan
142 Jerome Jay Ragas Mata
143 Rocky Pasomala Mansan
144 Marc Loyloy Malupangue
145 Eugene Catayoc Abao
146 Darwin Cabiles Sarte
147 Joeman Baro Banas
148 Evan Jerick Arobo Tabat
149 Japeth Juario Sienes
150 Abner Camacho Juntong Jr.
151 Jundrill Feliscoso Dumaluan
152 Mirriam Kate Isidoro Madayag
153 Krystal Gaye Sumpio Asumo
154 Veromae Capul Ancajas

155 Michael Dejos Guisihan
156 Remgie Millendez Repolido
157 Rizal Dee Regana Galicia
158 Daryl Momo Redillas
159 Dave John Gomez Piquero
160 Roy Penano Fabria Jr.
161 Edmundo Mantos Patibo Jr.
162 Bryan Lloren Diores
163 John Carlo Lu Carreon
164 Jlimar Garcia Cajes

165 Glenn Luague Achapero
166 Edcel Marie C. Bayore
167 Clarice A. Lopez
168 Gerardo B. Mericullo VI
169 Kert P. Andres
170 Janno Lee Sarzuelo
171 Orly Garcilan
172 Farida P. Regis
173 Eulogio Gicana Pisalbon Jr.
174 Cyrone Jay Agana Baculna
175 Kevin Rey Zerrudo Guelos
176 Roman Iii Deligero Guerrero
177 Bryan Ili-Iliw Cabatuan
178 Pepito Rojos Fermilan Jr.
179 Angelito K. Manaral Jr.
180 Mike C. Maloloy-On
181 Dave S. Fornolles
182 Francis John D. Bustamante
183 Cleford F. Bete
184 Novy Jade B. Italia
185 Angel Mae B. Teofilo
186 Joana Marie T. Mahilum
187 Lariza A. Pagaran
188 Marcial J. Salvatiera
189 Eugene Rey C. Abellar

190 Alvin Refuerzo Mahinay
191 Gerald J. Belandres
192 Rogie P. Asna
193 Richard G. Alba
194 Jerry John S. Espartero
195 Gerome N. Tutor
196 Fanie G. Pojas
197 Kris Jhon A. Arsenio
198 Vanessa R. Bucao
199 Mercedita C. Quardaquibel
200 Jo-An Jane D. Ople
201 Concepcion Q. Alferez
202 Lito Ray Espanola Casabuena
203 Mary Chris Gaquit Ortiz
204 Sheila Mae T. Martil
205 Levi S. Carreon
206 Jerel Bayron Saberon
207 Charmaine Dianne Lagunero Parreno
208 Michelle Villarmia Hersaba
209 Sheryl Daban
210 Jason B. Legaspi
211 Renel T. Moritcho
212 Norafe A. Mosende
213 Mary Grace Lorica

214 Michael Pelinio Hassan
215 Michael Andrew B Geralde
216 Laejie Rose Javellana
217 Renand D Tabugo
218 Sarah May V. Cuna
219 Bai Franscine Megueleigh S. Tayuan
220 Elisa Ikuse
221 Neil Joseph J. Bersabe
222 Geraldine Rosales Recana
223 Earl Josh F Hermosura
224 Mina Lastimoso Saito
225 Benjamin Tiu Canlas
226 Chabeli Marie Ingrid D. Labang
227 Melanie Ella R. Manansala
228 Amabelle Caputan
229 Lea Marie P. Pillo
230 Alberto T. Obusa Jr.





Job Posting, July 2017

Good News Job seekers!

Toyoflex Cebu Corporation, a manufacturing company in Cebu Mactan, is currently in need of a Japanese Interpreter/Translator! They are also willing to accept On-the-Job Trainees with allowance!

Interested applicants must submit their resume to:

Please click the photo below for the qualifications and other information. 


Toyoflex Cebu Corporation is an official Kouenkai Partner of the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku.