Majors in:

Social Services graduates demonstrate multi-skilled, multi-talented, multi-cultural approach and creative thinkers. They establish a deep realization of achieving real service more than profit. They are more actively responsible for developing moral and spiritual values imbued with humanistic disciple to the community.


Program Educational Objectives

Generate graduates who are equipped with the caregiving knowledge and skills that are abreast with modern times in order to address the increasing global demand for competent, compassionate, culturally sensitive, and responsible health care workers. To hone these kinds of students holistically, the college expose them to the following:

  1. A teaching-learning approach that is outcomes-based;
  2. Knowledge and information through modern technology and resources;
  3. Modern caregiving techniques made available by visiting partners;
  4. Information leading to awareness of cultural and religious differences that affect caregiving approaches;
  5. Practical experience of caregiving with private persons, in government institutions, in home setting, as well as community exposure;
  6. Opportunities to exercise leadership skills;
  7. Activities that will promote values of social justice and spiritually towards humanistic care;
  8. Japanese language literacy related to caregiving


Cal, L D-81366 Laura D. Cal, RN, MN
Social Services Department Head


The decision to pursue a caregiving course takes a heart of compassion and readiness to sacrifice. I acclaim those who take heed of this calling and endure.

In the end no labor is left unrecognized in the sight of our Almighty who blesses the work of our hands and rewards the good intentions of our heart.


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