The graduates possess a well-adjusted personality and hone skills in understanding the people. They are able to apply effective assessment and treatment intervention designed to those who are in need of assistance.


Program Educational Objectives

Produce graduates who have attained skills and competencies in the: administration and interpretation of psychological tests; understanding of personality theories; recognizing the psychological disorders and symptoms; and the selection, training and development of employees. Specifically, the program aims to:

  1. Develop students with well-balanced personality
  2. Imbibe among students the scientific mind approach
  3. Instill gregariousness and altruism in dealing with everybody
  4. Hone students in the conduct of research


Schedule and Unit Requirements

Students in this program are required to undergo two practicum exposures: Practicum A [Industrial Seatting] and Practicum B [Community Setting]. Each setting has an equivalent of six units/150 hours or a total of 12 units/300 hours. Student has the option to finish the whole 300 hours in one setting.

The Practicum is offered during the fourth year, second semester. It is expected that the student has no other academic load during this term. In case there is or there are, the load must not exceed nine [9] units since the practicum is already equivalent to 12. Please refer to the prescribed program course.


DR. NIETO L. VITTO, Ed.D Dr. Nieto L. Vitto
Psychology Department Head


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