President & Administrator

I welcome everyone to the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (MKD). MKD is the only college all over the country that is operated by the Japanese descendants or Nikkei jins. MKD was established to become a bridge between Japan and Philippines. Although MKD is operated following the Philippine education system, we have succeeded in the establishment of a strong relationship with Japan, its people, language, customs and culture.

Japanese language subjects are mandatory institutional requirement at MKD. This is the reason why many of our graduates are articulate in Nihongo and are in demand in multinational companies.

MKD takes pride of the following:

  1. Our up-to-date and unique courses that aim to address the concerns of our society.
  2. Our strong connection with Japan and the multicultural exposures of our students and faculty members.
  3. Our effective curriculum in the Japanese language and our original teaching materials.
  4. The socio-civic awareness of the students about the needs of the society and the important role that they play in the solution of the problems through the conduct of volunteer activities.
  5. The high rate of employment of our graduates.
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