This ideogram is a product of many minds reflective of the Filipino and Japanese cultures. The logo was originally designed by a member of the MKD Board of Trustees, Mr. Ricardo N. Obenza, Jr.

At the center of the big circle are three letters of M, K, & D inscribed in a Mindanaoan ethnic fashion. The small circle in red at the upper right represents the county of Japan. The year 2001 is the date of registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The characters at the lower portion of the big circle are called kanji, one of the three Japanese writing systems. From left to right, the three groups of kanji read as follows: hooshi for service, gakusai for experiential learning, and shoorai for future. Hence, the college aims to develop human resources who can address the problems among people in the Philippines, in Japan and in the ASEAN countries. It will also provide learning opportunities for poor but deserving students and help all other students achieve their dreams.

college seal WITH KANJI

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